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RYS Families:

Rye Youth Soccer is excited to announce that we have launched a partnership with New York City FC, the new Major League Soccer club that plays its home matches at Yankee Stadium. Details of this arrangement can be found at the bottom of this email.

As part of our official launch this past weekend, a group of Under-10 girls attended the NYCFC match and participated in the pre-match player walk-out with the visiting Chicago Fire. For RYS player Avery Smith, the "most fun thing was when we first got to hold the players' hands and see that the stadium was full." Leigh Smith, still sporting her new NYCFC jersey the next day, loved "going into Yankee Stadium and seeing how big it was and watching the game." The RYS girls proved talismanic for the home side NYCFC, who erased an early 2-0 deficit to secure a 2-2 draw and earn their best home result in several weeks!

Over the next several weeks and months, you will learn more about the ways that various RYS age groups will benefit from the partnership. The team that collected the most coins for Saturday's Cover the Court fundraiser (winner still to be determined) will also secure a group outing to Yankee Stadium!

Details of the RYS-NYCFC Partnership

-20 to 30 tickets per match (will be allotted to RYS teams through a mixture of random drawings, prizes for volunteering, sportsmanship, and other criteria to be determined and tweaked over the coming weeks.

-RYS will be recognized as a Youth Soccer Partner on the video board during all MLS regular season home matches and on nycfc.com

-Youth Soccer Spotlight – RYS will be recognized as the Youth Soccer Club Spotlight of the Match at one MLS regular season match in 2015

-The RYS logo will be displayed at the stadium on match days

-RYScoaches will be invited to a New York City FC Coaches Clinic

-RYS coaches will be invited to a Coaches Chalk Talk prior to kickoff at select matches

-Raffle Pack (Autographed: Jersey, Scarf, Ball, Pennant)

-Eleven (11) players (age 11 and younger) from RYS will be able to escort the New York City FC players onto the field during pre-match ceremonies at one (1) home match during the 2015 season. RYS players will receive replica New York City FC uniforms for the event

-RYS will have two (2) player appearances from NYCFC players

-RYS will experience one appearance by the New York City FC Mobile Tour. The tour includes interactive inflatables, the New York City FC vehicle, giveaways, and promotional materials


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