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Rye Youth Soccer Travel Teams

Boys and girls who live in the City of Rye or Rye Brook and/or attend public or private school in Rye City or Rye Brook

Two 10 week seasons  - Fall and Spring (Sept.-Nov. & April-June)
No games Columbus Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend or Easter
Game each Sunday, mandatory team practice on Saturday and a mid-week practice with a professional coach.

U9 and U10 teams play an 7 V 7 format on a smaller field
U11 teams play a 9 V 9 format
U12 and older teams play an 11 V 11 format on a regulation-sized field

Travel team soccer is competitive team soccer comprised of teams from communities in Westchester, the Bronx and Manhattan.  We are under the immediate jurisdiction of the Westchester Youth Soccer League and must follow their rules and guidelines.  While the program is more competitive than our Saturday intramural program, the U9 and U10 age groups are considered developmental.  The primary focus of the program is to teach the game of soccer grounding players in the skills, tactics and strategies of the game while fostering a love for the sport.

We strive to teach children the sense of accomplishment that can be achieved through working together.  Towards this end, we require a commitment from each child to work hard, come to scheduled practices and games, to support each other and to win or lose as a team.  As there are often more potential players than there are team positions available, we ask that players who choose to participate on Rye Youth Soccer travel teams make it their primary sport during soccer season.

Emphasizing teamwork and commitment serves a greater purpose than to teach abstract values.  It is the most efficient way to develop competitive teams.  This is because soccer is a team sport and because games are won by teams, not by collections of individuals.  Just as importantly, it teaches that success can be achieved by hard work.  It is not unusual that a college All-American started as a substitute player on a community team.

Finally, the philosophy of emphasizing sportsmanship helps to teach children how to handle themselves in the most competitive of situations.  Towards this end, we expect and insist that parents and other fans set good examples of sportsmanship through positive reinforcement of players, coaches and referees.  Parental sideline conduct is strictly monitored by Rye Youth Soccer Board members.

The philosophy of the program ensures that every child who demonstrates a commitment to the team will play in every game.  The amount of playing time will vary depending upon the child’s progress and the game situation.  Depending upon the size of the team, each child can expect to play a third of each game.

Boys and girls are formed into teams based on grade but please note our league mandates that children cannot "play down." This means that there is the potential that if your child is held back at the school level that they would not be eligible to play with their classmates.

We encourage children who are not selected to a travel team to play in our extended intramural program to continue building skills until such time as an opening occurs on a travel team.

We are limited by our league to forming 4 teams per year in the U9 and U10 categories consisting of a maximum of 14 players each.  All teams within an age group practice together as a unit.  U9 teams will remain intact for the first 2 seasons.  After the U9 year, we will reshuffle the teams and form an "A" team and 3 B+ or B teams.  For ensuing years, please see reshuffling guidelines below.  Players who move down will do so only after the spring season. 

Due to the developmental focus of the U9 and U10 program, it is imperative that players be selected to play at the appropriate level to maximize playing time, build skills and maximize enjoyment.

Those wishing to play travel team are selected based on the following three processes:

-Input from Rye Youth Soccer intramural coaches rating each player based on their impressions over the course of the intramural season when applicable

-Tryout rating players individually on speed, ball control, kicking/shooting and one-on-one (judging offensive and defensive capabilities) on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest)

-Tryout scrimmage rating players based on game situation

Coaches are selected by the Executive Board of Rye Youth Soccer with direct input from the Director of Soccer Programs and Director of Parent Coaching.  Intramural evaluations completed by parents are also utilized when applicable.

As you may know, current Under-8 players will have the opportunity later this spring to tryout for our U-9 travel teams.  Here are a few FAQ's to help you better understand the process.
How do I know if my son or daughter is eligible?
Please see above.
How will my son or daughter be evaluated?
1) The primary evaluation takes place at our tryout in May.  Children will have an opportunity to display their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.  In addition, they will have an opportunity to play in small-sided games and run a 40-yard dash.  All subjective evaluations will be conducted by RYS trainers.
2) RYS trainers also observe U-8 players during the spring intramurals.  This helps us further gauge player interest, skill, attendance, and love of the game
Do you need parent coaches?
Yes, absolutely.  We encourage all parents who wish to be assistant or head coaches to let us know by filling out the appropriate information when registering your children for the tryouts.
How many players make the travel teams?
56 boys and 56 girls will be selected for the U-9 travel teams.
What if my son or daughter does not make a team?
We have an exciting and popular program called World Cup for both travel and non-travel players in 3rd-5th grades.  The World Cup program is similar in concept to our intramural program, but features larger fields, nicer uniforms, weekly standings, an end-of-season tournament, and many other features that appeal to players of all abilities.  As spots open up in the travel program during subsequent seasons, players who have continued to hone their skills through the World Cup program will be at a significant advantage when it comes to earning a spot on a travel team.
We hope this information helps you gain an initial understanding of the travel team selection process.  As the spring unfolds, we will continue to keep you informed about the process.
Thank you.

Match Observation Form (coaches)
Open Practice Observation Form (coaches)

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